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Playing in the NFL requires a lot of hard work and preparation day in and day out. Staying on the field, injury free, from one week to the next also requires a lot of hard work and preparation. As part of my weekly preparation, i use Dr. Cadena at Houston Flex to keep me playing at my highest level, and highly recommend him to any professional athlete. Thanks Dr. Cadena!!

Kareem Jackson
Kareem JacksonHouston Texans Cornerback

When you need professional soft tissue treatment and flexibility work done, like I do on a weekly basis. Dr. Cadena at Houston Flex is your guy, I highly recommend it!

Xavier Su’a-filo
Xavier Su'a-filoOffensive Guard | Texans

To compete at a professional level in the NFL, Dr. Cadena and Houston Flex are part  of my weekly preparation!! Thanks Dr. Cadena!!

Brooks Reed
Brooks ReedOutside Linebacker

Soft Tissue Treatment (ART) and Flexibility work, I highly recommend for athletes at every level!!

Tyson Clabo
Tyson ClaboMiami Dolphins OT

Prior to visiting Dr. Cadena, over the course of a year, I had been evaluated and treated by atleaste 8 different Dr's and specialists. All had diagnosed me with with a high hamstring strain. All treatments prescribed afterwards produced little to no results. When examined by Dr. Cadena, he also diagnosed high hamstring strain but was also able explained to me mechanically how and why I was having this issue. Within 4 visits, Dr. Cadena's soft tissue, flexibility treatment and advice he recommended were able to get rid of my hamstring issue and ready for training camp. Thanks Dr. Cadena!!

Fendi Onobun
Fendi OnobunChicago Bears Tight End

Having nagging injuries in the NFL is very common, and if left untreated it can keep you on the sidelines. I know use Dr. Cadena at Houston Flex on a weekly basis to help improve my performance, increase flexibility and keep injuries to a minimum. Thanks Dr. Cadena!!!!

DeVier Posey
DeVier PoseyWide Receiver | Houston Texans

I have been a competitive body builder for 23 years - Without the help of ART and practitioners such as Dr. Cadena, I would not have had such an incredible athletic career. Dr. Cadena's knowledge of fundamental anatomy and procedural knowledge is beyond compare. His treatments are able to keep me in the gym and help me perform at the highest competitive level. Dr. Cadena has the ability to keep your muscles free and clear of scar tissue. No matter what your activity level is, Dr. Cadena can help patients live a more comfortable life and virtually pain free.

Shoshana Treichel
Shoshana TreichelCompetitive Body Builder & Personal Trainer

Feeling a lot better, stronger and faster. Thanks!

Darryl Sharpton
Darryl SharptonLinebacker - Houston Texans

"Effective flexibility treatment producing definite lasting results."

Over the last 4 seasons I've consistently had treatment with Dr. Cadena at Houston Flex 2-3 times per week. As a result, I have been able to increase my flexibility significantly and keep my soft tissue injuries to a minimum. With Dr. Cadena as an essential part of my preparation, I am very confident I can play up to my potential every game day. Thanks Dr. Cadena!!!

Brian Cushing
Brian Cushing2009 Rookie of the year + Houston Texans Linebacker

When playing in the NFL, chronic muscular aches, pains and injuries are very common. Using Dr. Cadena at Houston Flex weekly has become part of how I prepare for each game day. Dr. Cadena has also helped keep my injuries minimal and manageable. I highly recommend Dr. Cadena at Houston Flex to any athlete looking to take their game to the next level. Thanks Dr. Cadena!!!

Johnathan Joseph
Johnathan JosephHouston Texans Cornerback

Thanks for everything! Your soft tissue and flexibility treatment has been very helpful.

Jamie Sharper
Jamie Sharper

I started with Dr. Cadena at Houston Flex with a multitude of different muscular strains. One thing I can depend on at Houston Flex is that with in 1-2 session i can always count on significant improvement. Whenever I'm in Houston, I always use Dr. Cadena for all soft tissue injuries. Thanks for all the hard work Dr. Cadena.

Early Doucet
Early DoucetWide Receiver AZ Cardinals

As a former NFL player Dr. Cadena has helped me with all my residual aches and pains. I highly recommend Dr. Xavier Cadena to any athlete looking to get rid of pain and improve their performance.

John McLaughlin
John McLaughlinTampa Bay- Defensive End

After just a couple of visits, my shoulder pain was gone. Your treatment has definitely helped and keeps me going.
Thanks Dr. Cadena.

Carl Silvani
Carl Silvani5 time Mr. Texas/Professional Body Builder

As a Champion, Dr. Cadena is an intergal part of my training.

Brian Barth
Brian BarthProfessional Body Builder

When i started my treatment with Dr. Cadena i was unable to do a deep squat. The pain was unbearable and had been bothering me for about 6 months. Dr Cadena's understanding of biomechanics and ability recognize muscular  issues is amazing and has really helped me out tremendously.  After only one visit, the pain i had for 6 months was gone....and i was able to deep squat, pain free before leaving his office. Honestly, i could not believe it either. Thanks for all your help Dr. Cadena

Jermaine Dow
Jermaine Dow

I came to Dr. Cadena in 2011, 2 weeks before the Boston Marathon w/ a painful knee injury. The pain and swelling I experienced was like none other and I had serious doubts that I would be able to run the race that year.

After a biomechanics assessment and gait analysis Dr. Cadena was able to quickly address my  underlying issue and began treatment. I knew there would be no quick fix, as this particular problem would take time to heal. But after several treatments over that next week and a half, including the day before my flight, I was able to "toe the line" and run my first Boston.

Ever since last April I have returned to Dr. Cadena for anything and everything that "ails" me through all of my running/tri training and racing. Usually, within a few sessions I am as good as new and have learned the error in my technique that caused the pain, which is key to injury prevention! Thanks Dr. Cadena!

Susan Sullivan
Susan Sullivan1st Place AG Houston Oaks Tru-Tri

I had been relatively injury free for many years but wound up in a minor bike accident that didn’t directly affect my running, but the compensation for my tweaked ankle caused some hip pain.  Some friends of mine had seen Dr. Cadena and recommended him to me. My original hip problem I went in with was feeling great after just a couple visits, so I decided to continue seeing Dr. Cadena for routine stretching as I was putting in many miles and more intense training than usual.  My legs and feet felt the best they had in a long time and my weekly long runs of 20+ miles felt great in general.  I was able to run PRs in both the half marathon and full marathon within a month of each other, and recovered very quickly after each.  I’ve recommended Dr. Cadena to others, and those who have gone have seen great results.

Becca Thompson
Becca ThompsonHouston Elite Runner | 2nd Place Chicago Half Marathon

With the amount of hours I spend training and racing, Dr. Cadena has truly been my lifeline! He has been able to increase my flexibility and treat any soft tissue issues I have to be sure I am performing at my best and pain-free. Dr. Cadena has also helped me with my biomechanics to prevent injuries that so many triathletes experience. Without a doubt, any endurance athlete will benefit from Dr. Cadena’s knowledge and treatment!

Leslie LaMacchia
Leslie LaMacchiaProfessional Triathlete

When you absolutely must be ready by race day, I highly recommend Dr. Xavier Cadena, its where every pro should go.

Tyler Lord
Tyler LordProfessional Triathlete

"Serious treatment for the serious athlete."

I first began seeing Dr. Cadena about one year ago for glute pain. During the coarse of my treatment and flexibility assessment, Dr. Cadena realized how inflexible i was. Dr. Cadena explained to me that the cause of my injury more than likely was related to my inflexibility. Currently I hold World Records in the 60m indoor and 100m outdoors. I also hold American Records in the 200m and 60m indoor. Dr Cadena also explained to that he believed his treatment regimen would not only treat my injury it would also increase my flexibility. He also believed, "it would make me a faster runner" and he was right. Since I've been under Dr. Cadenas treatment I have run two races. My first race I set a new American 60m indoor record My second race (Penn Relays) i ran another American record time in the 100m but was not awarded the record due to wind factor. I can definitely attribute my better performance to Dr. Cadena's unique and effective treatment regimen.

Bobby Whilden
Bobby Whilden

In October 2008 I suffered a high hamstring pull which forced me out of running.  After four months of conventional rehabilitation, with little to no results, I was referred by a fellow runner to Dr. Cadena.  Dr. Cadena brought me in on an initial consultation and treatment session and explained to me how his ART and Stretch to Win techniques would not only be able to treat my injury but increase my flexibility and held protect against future injuries.  Within two weeks of twice a week appointments with Dr. Cadena, I was able to begin running and within one month I was able to begin a consistent training program with virtually pain free running.  Although my injury is now fully healed, I still receive weekly treatment from Dr. Cadena as a preventative maintenance measure from injuries.  I believe that the ART and Stretch to Win techniques which Dr. Cadena employs is an integral part of my training regime which allows me to stay injury free or treat injuries at the earliest stages before they may progress into a more severe injury.

Cody Manuel
Cody ManuelElite Runner | Houston

I first began treatment with Dr. Cadena for Chronic hamstring and ankle issues. After a biomechanics assessment, Dr. Cadena was able to attribute my pain/injuries to certain biomechanical errors. Dr. Cadena was able to quickly identify and point out the errors and offer advice on how to correct it. With out any resistant exercise, we were able to correct bad foot strike as well as incorrect weight distribution. Within a few days of making these changes all the pain was gone. Dr. Cadena was able to treat my injuries, help correct bad biomechanics and have me back on my training schedule within two short weeks.

His advice was extremely beneficial for training and racing purposes. He was great at indicating what to do when the injury flared up during a race in order to maximize performance.

Claudio Rodriguez
Claudio RodriguezBoston Qualifier - 2012 Boston - 3:25, 2012 Houston - 2:57, 2013 Boston - 2:55, Houston Elite Runner

While running a 13 mile tempo run and training for the New York City Marathon, I had pulled a muscle deep in my right glute and had to take time off from running. After seeing no improvement for more than a week, I was resigned to the fact that my running the upcoming marathon was out (only a month away!), and I would be going to NYC as an observer. Luckily, I saw Dr. Cadena and asked him about my condition. He was very positive and sure that he could have me up and running after only one session. After only one session?! I was rather skeptical. After all, it still hurt, and I had been out of commission for so long.

Well, he was right. And after four sessions, I was back on schedule for my running routine and in time for New York City! The NYC marathon is no easy coarse. But I was still able to pull of a 3:15:41, and I have Dr. Cadena to thank for it!

Steve Peppel
Steve PeppelHigh School Teacher/Runner

When I first developed shin splints, the Houston marathon was only two weeks away. The pain was so bad, I was not sure I could recover and be able to run on race day. After only two visits of ART and Stretch to Win, my pain was completely gone. The soft tissue treatment in conjunction you r flexibility protocol was so effective, I recorded a personal best time. Thanks for your support and thank you for allowing to me to compete at my best level.

Dr. Tricia Hernandez
Dr. Tricia HernandezART Provider + Elite Runner-Houston

Thanks for getting my body back in good racing form. " It Worked!" The lower back and psoas felt good on the bike. For the first time ever my transition from bike to run was pain free! Your aggressive soft tissue work (ART) and flexibility (Stretch to win) has made a huge difference in my performance, pulling off first place in my division.

Tom Noble
Tom Noble1st Place Oklahoma City Red Man Triathlon + 18 time Full Iron-Man Finisher

When I began treatment with Dr. Cadena I suffered from severe hip flexor, low back, and sciatic pain. Because my pain was so severe, I was unable to do any type of cardio work out. After a thorough exam, Dr. Cadena explained to me that a mild scoliosis, a leg length difference and being flat footed were all contributing factors to my sever pain. Dr. Cadena also explained that my case was a difficult case and may take a few weeks before we would see any results. I completely understood, I had been under another Dr’s care for months with minimal results. Dr. Cadena immediately began addressing the hip and sciatic pain with aggressive soft tissue and flexibility treatment. On the second and third visit we addressed being flat footed and the proper support needed. By my fourth visit we had significant improvement and was able to resume training. I have complete confidence in Dr. Cadena and his expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Cadena to all in the fitness industry. Thanks Dr. Cadena!

Kerri Hayes
Kerri HayesProfessional Fitness Model

As a competitive athlete, I was sidelined from training for two solid months-- hoping my acute low back pain and inability to bend at the hip would ‘go away on its own.’ After having wasted time and money on another Chiropractor, I thankfully found Dr. Cadena and scheduled my very first ART session—praying that finally someone could tell me exactly what was wrong with my back and actually be able fix it!

I described my pain and how I thought I had injured it and Dr. Cadena knew immediately what the problem was and began working on it. Amazingly, I walked out of my first session pain free—for the first time in months—and with my range of motion completely restored. I wish that I would have found Dr. Cadena right after my injury so I wouldn’t have wasted so much time (and money!) on other doctors and methods that just didn’t work. I’m now back in the gym and able to sit, bend, and just live again pain-free.

Thank you!

Patricia Dees
Patricia DeesFitness model

When I was first diagnosed with a partial tear of my ACL, I was devastated and did not know what to expect. You assured me that if therapy would help, your approach would get me the fastest & most efficient results. Your rehab, soft tissue and flexibility approach, I feel made a huge difference in my recovery. I am fully recovered now, more flexible and stronger than ever!

Ami Stockton
Ami StocktonFitness Model/Personal Trainer

When I first began treatment with Dr. Cadena, I suffered from plantar fascist in both feet, high hamstring pain and shin splints. Playing professional basketball over seas I tried several different types of treatments. Many of the sports dr's who attempted to treat often said plantar fascitis is incurable, your shin splints and hamstring pain your just gonna have to deal with as long as your playing basketball. After being examined by Dr . Cadena, he assured me that my pain was treatable, he could get rid of all my pain and he knew exactly what was causing it. Dr. Cadena attributed all my pain to being flat footed. Dr. Cadena then showed/explained to me how being flat footed causes plantar fascitis, shin splints and hamstring issues. After just 4 treatments and explaining the importance of restoring the arch and wearing supportive shoes on and off the court, my plantar fascitis shin splints and hamstring pain that i suffered from for over 5 years is all cured.

Thanks Dr. Cadena

John Morris
John MorrisProfessional Basketball Player

I can't thank you enough for treating and fixing my shoulder impingement problem. Not only did my shoulder hurt it was effecting my pitching as well. Having seen many other doctors for shoulder problems, your soft tissue and flexibility treatment was all new to me but very effective. My shoulder is now pain free and feels better than ever.

Brian Langen
Brian LangenMLB Pitcher
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